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Ramblings of a Mad (Asia-Obsessed) Scientist

30 Day Song Challenge

Day 20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry

Keep Your Head Down by (new) TVXQ.

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30 Day Song Challenge

Day 11 - a song from your favorite band

Whatever They Say by DBSK. Overall, I would actually say that Funky Monkey Babys is my favourite band; but since they already got a song, and they are getting another later, I give you acapella DBSK which shatters all my favoritism. It’s easy to forget that through their good looks, sweet moves, and addicting beats, how beautiful their raw voices are. What makes me saddest about their breaking up, is that they lost the ability to have spur of the moment five-part harmony.

The Doctor turns up on your doorstep to take you away…

The 18th gif in your folder is your reaction:

I think that’d be pretty accurate.

The 48th gif is what you’re wearing:

Warm and comfortable; I’ll take it.

The 21st is a clue to your first adventure:

Please let it be a mission to reunite DBSK.

The 9th is why you eventually leave:

Because Changmin can’t let me go? But that means I only get one adventure! But if Changmin comes with us, that’s breaking up DBSK again! AHHH! For the good of Cassie’s everywhere I would have to stay and marry Changmin.

I sacrifice so much.


I’m Keeping the Faith MOM!

So the other day, I was talking with my mom; and somehow I managed to somewhat steer the conversation towards k-pop (I don’t know how this happened either). So I was educating her on slave contracts and she was all like, ‘That’s terrible.’

And I was like, ‘Yeah, actually one of my favourite bands split because three of the five members sued their company for slave contracts.’

And she was like, ‘Now you have two bands to like!’

And I was like: